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Pastor Dan will be here visiting for a few days and would enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones. He will be at ROA Friday night; all three weekend worship services; the Monday Night Prayer Meeting; and the Men’s Breakfast on Wednesday morning. We hope you will take the opportunity to introduce yourself to Dan at one of these ministry events. If you were not here for the announcement regarding the call of Dan to full time ministry with us, please refer to Pastor John’s email on January 27 and the announcement (below) he made in worship services on February 18-19. Your prayers for Dan and his family as they move from Washington back to Yorba Linda are greatly appreciated.

Weekend Announcement February 18-19, 2012:
Before I begin the message on Fasting & Prayer today, I have an exciting announcement to make to you. As we have told you in our Family Meetings beginning in January, Dan Naulty has been serving on our staff on a part time paid basis. He has been working with Pastor Bill and myself on the transitions we are making in our church structure. At the same time we have been interviewing Dan for a full time position as one of our Pastor/Elders. We have found Dan to have the godly character required in Scripture and also the spiritual giftedness needed for the role of Pastor/Elder. I will be sharing more about these requirements at our Family Meeting. I hope you will all attend.

We have hired Dan for a full time position. He and his family will be moving to California and beginning their ministry in April.

Pastor Bill and I have seen God answer many prayers regarding Dan and his family. Let me share some of them with you:
Dan and Cassie both separately and together have felt God call them to ministry here with The Rock Family.
They asked their kind landlady, and have been able to cut short by 3 months the lease on their rented home.
Cassie has applied for her dream job with Bobbi Brown cosmetics and has been awarded the position and can start it here right after their move.

We are seeing God answer prayer and I hope all of you will join us in prayer on Monday. There is an excellent study online and in print to help you prepare for a day of prayer. Remember, of course, that if you have any health concerns that would prevent you from fasting from food, we urge you to consult your doctor.

Now, let’s see what God’s Word says about Fasting & Prayer.

Date Added: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
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